About Give Purrs A Chance

Give Purrs a Chance is a non-profit cat adoption center located in Berkeley Springs, WV. We chose Berkeley Springs, West Virginia because of its national reputation as an arts community and as the nation's first spa town. Most of what we have accomplished has been done with volunteers in the community.

We opened our doors in May of 2017 and have had the honor of placing 200+ cats/kittens into their furever home so far! We work with four local rescue organizations to take in vetted and spayed/neutered cats or kittens. The cats are able to free roam in our two story Victorian house which is the largest square footage cat café in the country with the most cats for adoption. Our cats and kittens freely socialize with visitors while they await adoption. To help offset the cost, we charge a low cost admission fee. This fee gives you all day access to visit, play or just sit and get to know our wonderful cats.

We also have a incredible Catique Boutique with hundreds of donated items for sale both vintage and new. We have contracted with many local artists and craftspeople to display cat items in our building at a 20% commission rate. This low rate has helped us attract many quality artists and we will open with over 100 pieces of art for sale. The Catique Boutique features ceramics, jewelry, soaps, textiles and many other cat related items.

Several yearly events are offered by Give Purrs A Chance. If you love yoga, you'll enjoy this unique experience to do your downward dog with cat. You'll experience a unique and relaxing yoga session. Price includes admission to cats' residence. Namaste! Our future plans include onsite food vendors where you can sit in our Alice and Wonderland theme café` and view cats while enjoying a snack or cup of coffee. We hope to continue to offer Music and Dance on Friday nights as well! Everyone is invited to our annual Catillion Dinner and Dance held each May at the historic County Inn in Berkeley Springs!

Our mission is simple; adopt, never shop for your pets. The rescued cats at Give Purrs A Chance are in search for the furever home. They have come to us from cold, empty parking lots, broken homes or lost their forever human partner. They seek and give love. Come visit us today and you will see why we work so hard to find homes for these wonderful creatures God has made.

Open Daily 11AM to 5PM

Stay-n-Play Admission!

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“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul."
―Jean Cocteau―
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